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      Wherever she is, she must have heard of my fathers death. If she had not gone off with Norman she would have written, telegraphedcome back as fast as horses, trains, could bring her.Why should they take herEsmeralda? asked Norman, still in the same awe-struck whisper.

      "No shame whatever. There's a great lot of it--kinds that will never be worn again. Let me--" The speaker rose.

      II did not see her, he said, with feigned easiness. There was no time. I saw Lady Wyndover. Esmeraldathere is nothing seriousshe is prostratedjust that. She will be better The string of falsehoods broke off short, and with a gesture of impatience he took up a pen. Are these all the letters? he asked.

      The plaudits of the dancers, who once more had stopped, were loud. Flora's glance went over to Irby, and he said, "Why, yes, Hilary, if you--why, of course I will." There was more applause.

      Im rather curious to fit in a little piece of this puzzle which seems to me to be missing just at present, and which the thing wants to make it a complete map of the whole business. Youve seen those childrens puzzles, I dare say, my lord?


      The man removed the cloth from her head, and, passing her hand across her eyesfor they were confused by their long blindfoldingshe saw that she was in a diggers hut. A woman stood by a table holding a candle in her hand. Esmeraldas heart rose as she saw her, and she looked at her with more than the usual feminine curiositywith an anxious scrutiny. The woman was middle-aged, with a careworn face which was not altogether repellant. She glanced at Esmeralda, then looked at Simon, as if awaiting his orders.Whether it was true or false Mandeville cared nothing, but--"Yes, 'tis true!" he cried in Flora's face, and then to the detective--"Doubtlezz to phot-ograph it that's all you want!"


      "Oh, I promise."


      One lovely May morning a Federal despatch-boat--yes, the one we know--sped down Mobile Bay with many gray-uniformed men aboard, mostly of the ranks and unaccoutred, but some of them officers still belted for their unsurrendered swords. Many lads showed the red artillery trim and wore jauntily on their battered caps K.B. separated by crossed cannon. "Roaring Betsy" had howled her last forever. Her sergeant, Valcour, was there, with his small fond bride, both equally unruffled by any misgiving that they would not pull through this still inviting world happily.