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      That letter is mine! she said, defiantly and haughtily. Where did you get it?"Why, Doc, I shouldn't wonder! If you'll just keep everybody away from me awhile, yourself included, I will lie down," said the unnerved commander, and presently, alone and supine, softly asked himself with grim humor, "Which chunk of iron?"

      I can not consent to that, he said, grimly."Your brother sure to be in it!" gasped Anna. The Callenders looked heart-wrung, but Flora smiled on as she thought what comfort it would be to give each of them some life-long disfigurement.

      Esmeralda waited a moment to grasp the significance of the sentence.Go! he said, harshly. Leave me alone. I can not bear to speak to any one. I will go into the house by the back way. Tell no one that you have seen me; say nothing. I can rely upon your silence?

      CHAPTER XXIX."Oh, let any woman cry who can," laughed Flora, "I wish I could!" and verily spoke the truth. Anna meltingly pressed her hand but gave her no glance. All eyes, dry or wet, were fixed on the nearing mass, all ears drank the rising peal and roar of its horns and drums. How superbly rigorous its single, two-hundred-footed step. With what splendid rigidity the escorts' burnished lines walled in its oncome.

      I will go and see, she said.

      "Fred! Fancy Flora Valcour with that smile!"



      False to you? echoed Varley. If she had been, it was no more than you deserved. But I will answer for her purity with my last breath. I know nothing of her story; I have never asked her, and she has never told me, but I would believe her word against all the dukes in Christendom. You married her for her money; you have broken her heart; you have followed her here to inflict further torture upon her. My lord duke, you have gone a step too far. You have to deal with me, Varley Howard, her guardian, the man who has loved her as a father, who will stand up for her truth and innocence against a world of dd dukes!She was not mistaken; it was in Normans handwriting. There were only a few lines, but as she read them her heart beat so fast as almost to prevent her breathing.