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      "Why, how in the world did they manage?" asked Si.

      "They've no idee. We'll ketch 'em clean offen their guard."

      charges. I will explain to you why I want them sent to a


      "Wot's the matter wud you?" asked a gruff voice.That was a little trick only learned by hard service.


      "There, Sammy," he said, as he folded it up and gave it to the boy; "keep that quiet until about bed time, when they begin to inquire about me. By that time I'll 've ketched the train goin' east, and be skippin' out for the army. By the way, Sammy, can't you sneak into Miss Maria's room, and steal a piece o' ribbon, or something that belongs to her?"


      I'm still Chairman of the Board around here, and I intend to use power if I have to. The best advice I can get tells me your plans are unadvisable.Presently he heard some rustling over to his right and caught the low murmur of a voice. He cautiously made his way in that direction until he made an opening, with a number of men sitting on a log, while others were standing, leaning on their guns.