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      "Nearly half a million from first to last. I ought to know, for it was I who added those fresh papers to the original deeds and forged those reports of the prosperity of the mine. Maitrank seemed quite satisfied till yesterday. Then he made a great discovery. It was an unfortunate discovery and a cruel piece of luck for you."Top-side Galah!


      "Countess," he said. "I kiss your hand. I have come from Paris to see you. If I could have a word with you alone----""But what did you see?" enquired Gregg, kindly. "What was there to be seen?"

      Charlton looked up in quick surprise.


      Leona laughed outright."But you think he will not go on?"


      Surely they were a long time getting that hot water. In such a case as this hurry was everything. Bruce crept from the room and looked over the banisters. The whole place was in darkness!The tools employed for cutting screw threads constitute a separate class among the implements of a fitting shop, and it is considered best to notice them separately.


      "Amazing," Bruce cried. "That is exactly what did happen. But how could you possibly have known that considering that until an hour ago not a soul knew of it, not even Hetty!"