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      Who do you mean.Kind to me! Of course they are! She opened her eyes with astonishment. And Im happy, or I should be if you wouldnt go and leave me so much. Why do you go?

      "No, no, no!" she cried passionately. "I have had enough of life. They are dear to me, very dear. No wife ever loved and honoured her husband more than I love and honour minebut it is all over, it is past, and ended. I am more than resigned to deathI am thankful that God has called me away."He had pained and humiliated her, and now the stamp of[Pg 248] death was on the face he adored, and before him lay the prospect of a life's remorse.

      He seemed reluctant to do even this; but at last he put his hand on her firm, strong shoulder, and with a great effort scrambled into the saddle.


      There was a pause, then she said:

      But she was left to live in the convent without [357] ever leaving it, and her lot would have been deplorable indeed but for the affection and sympathy she met with from every one, above all, from the good abbess, Mme. de Rossgnol, who had taken care of her education, and with whom she dined and spent the whole day.


      With a few more words of mingled criticism and compliment, he bowed slightly and turned again to M. Rivarol.


      "I don't think so; only sometimes a longing comes upon me to see the old grey walls, and to hear the old voices, and see the curious old women in their white caps and bright-[Pg 112]coloured handkerchiefs, clattering along to the Cathedral. There must be more old women in Brittany than in Cornwall, I think. Fowey does not swarm with old women as Dinan did. And sometimes I long to see mother, and the good old Brittany servants, and the garden where the hours went by so slowlyalmost as slowly as they go here"with a sigh.[Pg 118]


      A string of names was shouted. Varley looked from one to the other; the child laughed at the noise.