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      Pendleton stared. "How do you know?""I'll see your Captain to-night, Mr. Klegg, and you shall be rewarded for your good conduct. You may now return to your company."

      Struck by a Cyclone 111

      Pen waited alongside the fence that bounded the far side of the field. It was Don, so her anxiety was relieved on that score. But he did not come to her. A few yards away he leaned back with his elbows on the top rail of the fence and gazed out across the moonlit field, making a perfect silhouette of masculine soreness.The rebel line was in the weeds which bordered the branch when the Captain gave the order to fire.

      He obeyed sullenly. Pen walked on across the field with a sore heart. She had made him angry now. All day she lived for the moment of meeting and now it was spoiled.


      The little man got up with an important air.


      "How d'ye like it as far as you've got, any way?"


      "The New York City prison."