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      Esmeralda stood where he had left her as one stands after receiving a mortal blow, in a dull stupor too profound for pain. She sunk into a chair, and with her eyes fixed on the dark sky, gradually realized what this was that had happened to her. Her husband believed her to be guilty of betraying him. They had agreed to part. She should never see him again.

      Not a bad run, you know, sir, he would remark, in the midst of a description of a racethe duke was always pleased to hear of the great events of the outer world into which he so seldom entered. Soup Ladle ought to have won; all the pencilers had the spondulacs upon her; but she ran wild and all over the shopHush! he said, pityingly and warningly; and he glanced at the door which led into the drawing-room. Be calm, Ada! For Gods sake I think I heard some one in that room!

      Kind to me! Of course they are! She opened her eyes with astonishment. And Im happy, or I should be if you wouldnt go and leave me so much. Why do you go?

      Mistake? she whispered.

      Yes, that will be best, he repeated, dully, and looking beyond her.


      Norman bit his lip.


      My father will be here presently, he said. He is looking forward to seeing you.


      Not here? I saw in the papers that she was hereill. Where is she, then?It was: You remember Mrs. Everyoung, Lady Trafford? She wears a golden wig now; it used to be black, you know.