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      Maumer Rue still stood in the same commanding attitude, with raised hand, and intent, uplooking face. Suddenly, her arm fell by her side; her head drooped on her breast; the majesty that had informed her pose and gesture went out like an expiring flame; she shivered, tottered, and would have fallen but for the Major's prompt support. Without a word, he guided her safely to the door of her cabin.

      Carice's eyes dilated with horror. "A murderer!" she gasped,"oh! no, no, Rosa; you could not have heard him right!"

      Well, said he, let him quit soldiering then, and give back his regiment to the king. But quiet yourself as to the fears you may have about him if he do; for I know, by certain information, that there will be no blood spilt.


      "Sit down, Harry, and fall to. Your tramp must have given you a right sharp appetite."


      The friendship of these two remarkable men must have been of a singular character. Voltaire thus maliciously wrote of the king: