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      "Indeed, I should not be tired of the cottage or the neighbourhood if my husband were at home. I am only tired of solitude. He wants me to send for his sistera girl who has not long left schoolto keep me company; but I detest school-girls, and I would much rather be alone than put up with a silly companion."

      CHAPTER XXV.No, Lord Trafford, he said, I have not had any good news for many years past. Sometimes I have thought that you half suspected me of croaking without due causeand, indeed, I have, from a natural dislike to causing you pain, concealed the extremity of our case; but Lord Selvaine tells me that you now wish to know exactly how we stand, and I have drawn up an exact statement that you may see for yourself how grave our position is.

      I dont fancy you will, she said, shrewdly. And, after allwith a sighit wont matter what you do!

      [10]The blood rose to her face again; his touch moved her more than all his words had done.

      He clasped her in his arms, and hid her face upon his breast, as iffearing that he might have wounded her by those last wordshe wanted to make amends before she had time to feel his unkindness. His tenderness for her had so much of that pitying love which a strong man feels for a child.

      His heart swelled with gladness and gratitude as he contemplated mother and son. Yes, the child had made all things well in his home.Esmeralda was still listening to the music, though it had ceased, and she started slightly as she looked round.


      You cant stand aside, with a shrug of your shoulders, and see the family title go down. Rank has its obligations and duties as well as its privileges.



      She turned upon him as if he had struck her.