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      By the time the rebels were all up, Co. Q had arrived on the scene. As the prisoners were being disarmed and put under guard, Si called out to Capt. McGillicuddy:

      "Be about as easy as drivin' a load o' hay back into the field, and fitting each spear o' grass back on the stalk from which it was cut," interjected Shorty.

      THE MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION."Every day that passes makes my position more secure," he said. "I'm becoming known. At least Frank Jones is. This crop of saw-tooth is a wonderful disguise."

      "She's a Confederate, as far as she goes."

      The officer advanced, leaned over the bayonet's point, and whispered the countersign."All right," said Si sleepily, as he crawled into bed.



      Shorty fired the remaining shots out of the rebel's revolver.