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      Esmeralda looked before her, musingly.Lady Wyndover gracefully glided away from the subject.

      Its Esmeralda! shouted Taffy, as if he could not believe his eyes."Any day, any hour, Captain Kincaid may return. Oh, if 'twere anybody in this worl' but him! For, Anna, I must take all the blame--all!" The face went again into the hands.

      Your pillow has slipped, he said, trying to speak calmly, and, indeed, in quite a casual way.CHAPTER XXXI.

      No one watching them would have suspected them of being anything more than old friends; indeed, Traffords words and manner were markedly reserved.

      Charlie Valcour broke in between them: "Is there not going to be any drill, after all?"


      There is time for a turn in the park, said Lady Wyndover; that is, dear, if you are sure youre not tired.Chuck up your hands, Johnson, and get down! he said, curtly. Come down now, like a good boy, and dont alarm the passengers.


      Esmeralda with me? Why should she be with me, instead of here or at Belfayre? Explain!


      "The risks are the deadliest of all."