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      "Come, girl, talk sense," said Si roughly. "Tell me where those rebels are that you was goin' to, and do it quick. Boys, look sharp."

      "I'll resk that," said the Deacon. "I kin dig an other well, if necessary."The soggy men promptly swung around.

      "Well, come right up on the porch and set down. You must be awful tired. Le'me carry your gun and things for you."

      "You say you have been having unusually exciting times," said Si to Rosenbaum, as the boys again seated themselves by the fire.This terrified the old man till he was ready to yield.



      "I've bin studyin' on jest whar I come in," answered the Magistrate. "These two save their necks by marryin', but do you understand that the law says that the Magistrate who marries 'em gits his neck saved?""What are you up to?" Si asked.