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      "The blessing of the most high God be with you for that, noble sir," said Edith, as she knelt down and fervently thanked Sir Robert; and then, leaning on the arm of her son, she left the hall.The cool and determined tone of the chief justice exasperated the abbot; and, fixing a stern glance upon the judge,

      It was yet possible for Oakley to feel shame, and it was not entirely with rage, that his whole body at this moment trembled. He looked at the smith as he spoke, and half drew a dagger from his bosom, and, an indifferent spectator, regarding the twoOakley still standing on the upper step of the altar, and Tyler, at a dozen paces down the centre aislewould have thought that there could have existed but little odds between the physical power of the men; but Oakley, although he ground his teeth, and felt almost suffocated, had too much prudence to expose his gross enervated body to the muscular arm of the vigorous smith. Therefore, assuming an indignation of a very different character from his real feelings, he said, as he stepped from the altar into the nave of the chapel,"I d?an't say as I want to do that."

      What if you have to? she asked, smiling.

      "Nono," replied Isabella, "do not fear for me?This is so strange, I must hear what you have to say."



      Chapter 5Mrs Keeling looked round in a distressed and flurried manner, with her feeble geniality showing like some pale moon behind clouds that were growing rapidly thicker.


      "He is gone to London."


      "Ere I say more," said Oakley, falling on his knees before Richard, "I crave a general pardon, not only for myself, as leader in this rising, but for all other trespasses by me committed."