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      "Fred," exclaimed Hilary, "they've killed the poor chap." He wheeled. "Come, all hands," he continued, and to Greenleaf added as they went, "He's lying up here in the road with--"Lilias looked out.

      How absurdly poor the chance! Yet they bade the old coachman turn that way, and indeed the facts were better than the hope of any one of them. Charlie, very gaunt and battered, but all the more enamored of himself therefor and for the new chevrons of a gun corporal on his dingy sleeve, was actually aboard that boat. In one of the small knots of passengers on her boiler deck he was modestly companioning with a captain of infantry and two of staff, while they now exchanged merry anecdotes of the awful retreat out of Tennessee into Mississippi, now grimly damned this or that bad strategy, futile destruction, or horrible suffering, now re-discussed the comical chances of a bet of General Brodnax's, still pending, and now, with the crowd, moved downstairs to the freight deck as the boat began to nose the wharf.

      She must be followed at once and overtaken! he said. Keep calm, for Lady Wyndover had risen as if about to start for somewhere, anywhere, at that very moment. Wire and ask Trafford to come to you at once. Where is a form?

      He got into the cab and told the man to drive to Eustonand fast. The man looked at him curiously.

      Its broken! he said, simply.

      "Are the enemy's ships--?" began Anna--


      "He doesn't show his face. He sends--"


      Ah! I am almost glad that it has not; for I think she is still more lovely than she was before her marriage. Will you see about it, and at once, if you please?