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      A broad-shouldered Provost-Sergeant walked through the car, with an air of authority, and gave orders to several who were seated in it.

      After the Mules Stampeded 44All these things and many more Si thought of until finally he was lost in sleep. Then he dreamed that somebody was trying to cram stones down his throat.

      Half an hour later she was knocking at the door of room 1214 in the Southland Hotel. The door was opened by one who remained invisible. Pen walked in with her heart in her mouth. Blanche was behind the door. She was smoking a cigarette. At the sight of Pen's face she laughed.

      The knocking was imperiously repeated. Outside Pen's door they heard her father's agitated voice.


      "I know you are tired, but still you must go"My capital," corrected Pen.


      "If I could once get you inside we could snap our fingers at them."


      "Don! Don!" she spoke softly, not expecting any answer there, and not getting any."Now, gol durn ye, you're my prisoner. I'd like to blow the top o' yer head off fer spilin' my dinner, but I won't do it this time. But you jist git up 'n' come 'long with me!"